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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 5, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> sean: the obama administration's handling of sensitive information relating to the christmas day bomber has set off a firestorm in washington. i'm tucker carlson in for sean hannity. earlier it was revealed that umar farouk abdulmutallab was cooperating with the fbi. the leak came when the administration was unheavy fire for it decision to reed abdulmutallab his miranda rights after he had been questioned for less than an hour. questions swirling whether fbi director mueller supported that leak. fbi director mueller expressed keeping the fact of his cooperation quiet was vital to prevent future attacks. fbi officials are denying senator's claim. they say the director never voiced such a concern. white house is attempting to downplay the extent of political cover. this information may have
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provided president obama take a look at this >> the notion that somehow, the white house in conjunction with agencies involved in this interrogation gave out classified information, yes i think an apology on that is owed. because it's not true. >> oddly from that same podium earlier this week deputy white house press secretary burton was telling a different story about the white house's involvement. watch. >> ideally, this information would not have necessarily come out. >> why? >> in order for the american people to know that we are doing pofrbg to keep them safe. in order for our continued says in this effort, we made the determination that it was a good idea to make sure people knew that our sources and that our methods here were working. >> zoe was it? was this a political decision by the white house? has this leak put all us of in danger. joining me the author of
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courting disaster. how the cia kept america safe and how barack obama is inviting the next attack. juan, which is, you seem to see contradictory statements of fact from the white house podium and the press room this week which is true? >> tucker i don't see any contradict . i'm interested in how you see it. what i saw was the white house responding to what has been now weeks and weeks and waves of attacks coming from republicans suggesting that there has tpwhepblgs, mall knee -- malfeasance in the handling of the christmas bomber and he should not have been treat today civilian courts apartment country was in greater danger as to why the obama administration was handling it. the obama administration starts to fire back and says wait a second that's not true. not only that, they didn't disclose classified information. they said abdulmutallab is talking that's all they said.
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>> do you think releasing that information, while it may be helpful to the obama administration in the short term politically. do you that i made us safer? do you think it is wise to signal anything about interrogation techniques or cus? >> what you heard ideally live in a highly politicized world. what you saw was republicans -- the polls don't show the american people thought the obama administration had mishandled it. there was constant attacks again the administration. to make the case plain that in fact it is ordinary standard operating proceeder from the bush years to now, to take people into custody, even on u.s. soil, especially on u.s. soil that they would have some miranda rights read to them. secondly abdulmutallab was talking and cooperating. >> mark, what do you think the effect of reading --
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regardless of what may or may not have happened in previous administrations. what do you think the fact wall real-time effect of mirandizeing this character less than an hour after his arrest were to national security? >> it is a disaster. debacle of the highest or. one of these days in the interrogation school they are going to hold up this case as to how to bungle interrogation. they didn't see attack coming because we are not capturing and interrogating terrorists. a terrorist falls into our hands and they read him his rights after 50 minutes of interrogation. failure three, they let him stay silent five weeks. during that time al-qaeda is covering his tracks. this guy knows information about phone numbers, bank accounts, e-mail addresses, the people who trained him, who trained next to him and might be coming after him. we let him be silent for five weeks. failure number four, when he starts talking that he announce it and say what he's
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talking about saying he's giving intelligence about this cleric. why would they tell al-qaeda that? >> so republicans are saying this matters this is usable information that will be turned by our enemies into an advantage against us. how would that work mark? >> they are going to cover their tracks. intelligence is perishable. this guy was supposed to be vaporized on that plane. they were not supposed to know he was going to be in our custody he was supposed to be dead. as soon as al-qaeda finds out he starts talking they shutdown e-mail, bank accounts, hide terrorists, close down safe houses. this perishable intelligence is being lost for five weeks. when he starts talking they tell al-qaeda what he's talking about so this cleric can use that fact that he's giving up information to hide. it is absolutely insanity. like they've taken the word secret out of the dictionary
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in the white house. >> juan wouldn't it be a better idea to have more information about what in guy was up to, who helped him, who he knows? >> absolutely. >> why wouldn't we do everything we can to get that information? >> we did. >> but we didn't. >> the argument that mark is making mark and i would agree we as americans have our number one priority our national security and we have to stop terrorists trying to kill us. the question is, did the united states government make critical errors in the handling ofefñ abdulmutallab? my answer is we didn't understand that he in fact had been in yemen for that length of time. that he had any extensive information. i think that's why there was a slowness in terms of properly interrogating. i was not a matter of negligence. yet republicans have politicized this. >> i'm not politicizing anything. simple question, isn't that the sort of information we should have known?
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and we have gleaned from -- >> what did president obama say tucker? the intelligence gathering was victimized and guilty of systemic failure. he said this. not a matter of republican and democrat. we did not know that al-qaeda ths capable of managing this kind of attack. >> why didn't we know? >> well we should have known that's why it was a systemic failure. >> i got the answer for you juan. >> let me answer it tucker. >> sure. finish it. >> my point is, look in fact the command and control structure al-qaeda coming out of pakistan and what is left in afghanistan has been decimated by the drone attacks and u.s. efforts and increased troop presence. now you get lone wolves like abdulmutallab and our intelligence capacity
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sometimes does not keep up. >> mark do we know this creep was a lone wolf? >> he's not. this was a guy sent by z peninsula, a merger between al-qaeda in yemen and saudi arabia, new terror network we were caught blind. why? because we are not capturing and interrogating senior terrorist leaders any more. we've eliminated the capability to capture these people. when i was working on my book, he said intelligence is like putting together a you got the pieces in front but you are not allowed to see the picture on the cover of the box. when pieces of the pudz -- puzzle, the father came into the embassy. the only way you get that picture is by capture the khalid sheikh mohammeds of the world and interrogating them. >> thanks to you both.ta >> you're welcome.çl a member of the obama administration says the pope is hurting people in the name
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of jesus. now he's refusing to apologize for those comments. details in remarkable story coming up ahead. >> microphones picked up a private conversation between vice president biden and senator scoot brown yesterday. find out what the -- and scott brown yesterday. find out what the vp had to say. back in 90 seconds. make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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. vice president biden may be considering a future career in the field of family counseling. listen to what mics picked up yesterday after he
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administered the oath of office to massachusetts's scott brown. >> i want to talk to you about kids. >> about kids? i wonder what fatherly advice the vice president has for the senate's newest member. >> obama appointee in hot water over controversial comments he made about the pope. we give you peace of mind. i have diabetes like a lot of us here, so we understand. compassion. patience. you'll find it anytime you call. our customers say we're number one. plus, they're grateful we're located in the us, where we also manufacture... the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips. americans carinfor americans. that makes us proud. accu-chek customer care born in the usa.
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a member president's advisory council joining a long list of radicals now serving in the obama administration. his name is harry knox appointed by the president this past march. he has curious theological views. >> you have a statement saying pope benedict xvi was hurting peep in the name of jesus because he did not support promoting the use of condoms to control the spread of hiv. do you still believe the pope's position on condoms is hurting peep in the name of jesus? >> i do.
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>> even in light of a researcher said the pope was correct in that condom using an s hiv spread in africa. in light of that statement do you still hold to that position? >> he's incorrect in his assertion. all the evidence of science shows otherwise. >> many catholics are outraged. in particular his assertion that the pope is hurting people in the name of jesus. coalition of catholic leaders have signed an open letter to the president demanding he fire knox. that letter reads in part: the self-pro claimed anti-catholic bigot awe pointed to head up faith-based partnerships has reiterated his deep seated prejudice against the pope and the catholic church. your failure to remove him speaks volumes about how much you value respect for diversity and religious differences. joining me brent brazell and founder of american papos
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being block. mr. peters hurting people in the name of jesus. which organization has fed more poor people the catholic church or the gay rights movement? give us perspective on this comment? >> excellent point. the catholic church is one of the world's largest charities. for tphopgs to -- for knox to say the pope is killing people in the name of jesus is not only wrong but outrageously wrong. it is not the first time he's said it. we are at the end of the rope on this. >> brent give us perspective on mr. knox. is this an isolated case maybe he a couple of cocktails or is there a history? >> i wish it was. good point somebody says something off-the-cuff and you want to retract it h that's what the reporter was asking do you want to retract. he's an activist with the human rights campaign.
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activist homosexual who hates the catholic church. he's an anti-catholic bigot. he has a long history of making these kinds of comments that is not the only thing this man has said. he has say the catholic church is guilty of behavior immoral and insulting to jesus. he's not only insulted the holy father he insulted the church. he sent a message that violence and human right abuses against lesbians and gays and buy sexuals and trance jenners is acceptable. he has call the nyes of columbus the foot soldiers in the does credited army of oppression. he's an anti-catholic bigot.çbsñ what in the world is he doing sitting on the advisory council of a faith-based initiative on neighborhood partnerships? >> maybe you can answer that this doesn't add up. here you have a president whose whole reason for being is united america.
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seeking out commonalities, bringing us together, not dividing us: >> you make the exact point i was would make. if you look at the america of the faith-based council it is supposed to bring people of different faiths together for community service if you walk into a bible study and point to someone and say your leader is killing peep in the name of jesus that's the -- killing people in the name of jesus that's the worst thing to do to bring people together. obama should lead by example and take people out of his administration engaging in divisive wrong language that he condemns other people for. >> tucker, why not bring in the kkk too they hate catholics too. this man is an anti-catholic big . people need to speak out against this. this is the people's house. when the people's house is abused this way, people have to speak up. there's a petition out there,
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it is st. tell the president you don't have anti-catholic, christian bigots on this council take this man off. >> you both know people get away with this. if you attacked a jewish or hindu leader or a leader of the episcopal church of which i'm a member, you couldn't do that people would say that is unacceptable. that violates the spirit of ecumenical discourse, you are a -- >> i've been blogging five years on catholic news. one of the sad things is the last acceptable prejudice is anti-catholicism. you are right if he said something about in for another religious leader you would have seen this everywhere. unfortunately, it seems the obama administration doesn't care if they offend catholics. the thing about knox he walked into it. he said the exact same thing
9:18 pm
he said about nine months ago after the reporter gave him a chance to say have you looked at the other evidence? there is a very large body of evidence supporting the pope's claims. not only is knox being offensive, he's wrong. >> they are not interesting in debating that. i think all people of goodwill want to reduce the spread of aids, every person does. there's legitimate debate how there's legitimate debate how to do thati?g who disagree with you as bigots, crazy ends the conversation. unreasonable position. i want to ask you -- i know you live in washington been around a long time this president in particular, needs catholic votes, so will democrats in the coming midterm election. can't get elected without them this is potentially an alienating appointment for him to make. why is he doing it and not backing off it? >> it is one of those "tipping point"s. it is another one of those reasons where people are
9:19 pm
scratching heads and saying even if they voted for this man, they are saying i voted for this? there's so many reasons people are second guessing the vote for barack obama this is not fo. this administration is so hardened in its ideology they won't back down even when given an invitation to do so >> but it is so stupid. if you are barack obama you don't need this you got some kind of anti-catholic nut. you guys are great, thank you. >> thank you tucker. >> don't go anywhere the great american panel is coming up next. ♪ ♪ the complete multivitamin for women over 50. it has vitamin d, which emerging science suggests
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we all know haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake. tens of thousands of haitians have died, and that number is rising. we don't have time to sit around
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and talk about what we can do to help. because they continue to run short of food and water... medical supplies... support for relief workers. there's still something every one of us can do. you can help by donating today. by giving now. because one more thing they're running short of... is time.
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welcome back. time for the great american panel. commentator with pj steven crowder is here. professor of public policy at georgetown, also member of president george w. bush senior staff brad blakeman. senior adviser at ndn democratic strategist alicia
9:24 pm
menendez joins us. welcome to all of you. i wonder if you can explain the president's take on the unemployment rate? we found out today dropped slightly to 9.7 from 10 everyone can see it is way too high. the president explained the other day my whole focus for last year has been jobs, jobs, jobs. can you say that with a straight -- even you are laughing. >> congratulations on your site. >> thank you. >> i think they are retooling their message. they realize they've spent too much time focused on other things. now they have to focus on the plight of everyday people, economic prosperity. >> rest pro actively? >> listen, they did have recovery act which was meant in part to stop us from the free fall we were in. now we have to do better. >> have you thanked the president today bradford stopping this economy from -- >> i would like to thank him
9:25 pm
tonight forgiving us enough to take virginia, new jersey, massachusetts, new york. there's a lot of states we are going to take back. we don't wish the president ill but it is true his policies on the economy there have been no policies many he promised if he passed the stimulus unemployment wouldn't pass 8%. now we know it is way past 10 in some areas 17% in inner cities. the president needs to focus on jobs, the sooner the better. >> i never understood the idea of when the job numbers are terrible focusing on health care. >> government can create no jobs. they don't create anything. the only thing they can do is create make work jobs that they take from others through legal plunder. >> you want to explain that? i missed that. >> government doesn't create, government takes and redistributes it. big government policies have
9:26 pm
never proven effective for jobs. detroit hasn't had a single republican mayor since 1961, highest unemployment in the country. far cry from the 8% that he promised it would never go over with the stimulus bilk passed. i appreciate your saying what he inherited from the bush card. >> i didn't mention it. >> i will say to your credit you didn't. as a political matter talking about the political effect of a very sad statistic, the unemployment rate. historically a president's approval numbers track almost precisely the unemployment rate. if you are at 9.7 as we are today, 10, likely to go back. you're looking at a disaster. do they get that? >> i do think they get that his approval numbers have remained pretty high. to your point, i think the american people don't want to hear this back and forth about who did what when. they realize that he started day one with a tremendous set of challenges. i think they are willing to give him more time to tackle
9:27 pm
all of the problems. >> he has spent so much money to move these numbers. >> some are saying he didn't spend enough. >> those brilliant economists where were they two septembers ago? why didn't they predict a down turn in the first place? who cares what they think. >> crafting this recovery act, they were saying if you are gonna spend it, let's spend. let's go all in and do what we need to do. >> here's the problem the administration came in because they thought they had a mandate they could do whatever, whenever, because they had high majorities. they led with a failed stimulus and cap and trade that couldn't even come to fruition. they to stop that and go with health care. they manufactured crisis on health care. we had a honest to goodness crisis on the economy they ignored it. the american people understood they didn't put barack obama in to create massive debt and
9:28 pm
increase government. they came to make sure the president½ fix the economy. >> there was a piece today in politico that described the meeting with administration officials and david axelrod primarily and senator franken who lost control and started yelling at axelrod, and said you blew health care! doesn't he have a point? they control everything -- >> i don't know you can blame it on axelrod. i think al franken is wrong. the more they try to push the less the american people want it. i want al franken to push his ideas through and tell people let's communicate this more effectively. it doesn't matter how many bells and whistles they put on the health care bill, americans don't want. i think scott brown is going to be the first of many and they are going to lose big. >> al franken famous in the senate as being the most abrasive senator to walk the
9:29 pm
halls. >> those who know him predicted this, with love that he would be the most hated out of 100. is a good idea to have him as the face of the democratic caucus -- >> this is a closed door meeting. >> [ talking over each other ] >> five sources ratted him out. >> i think it is good the democrats have the ability to go toe-to-toe with one another and say where do we go from here? i think the challenge is forward looking. focus on economic prosperity, focus on jobs. i think he was saying that the president, senate and the house all need to coordinate better. >> here's the problem, i never thought i would agree with al franken, but he's right. these guys are stuck in campaign mode never got into governing mode. people closest to the president are campaign experts and rotten at governing. >> coming off his amazing victory in the last election, holding every lever of power
9:30 pm
you can't get in program through, you're not very good. i agree with al from franken. more right after the break. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush. they let me charge past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. you know how that makes me feel? like dancing? ♪ oh, yeah. go national. go like a pro.
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. united nations' climate change panel based on magazine pieces india is saying farewell that country is establishing its own body to monitor climate change. spokesman says there is a fine line between science and
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evangelicalism. india is a large country and cannot depend only on it many how long before the rest of the world follows india's lead? more hand in two minutes.
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my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me. i want answers.
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announcer: when you don't have the right answers, it may be time to ask your doctor the right question. could i have lupus? >> we continue. if this were a cocktail party i would get another drink and stay a while. it gets better with this story. scott lee cohen the democratic nominee for lt. governor of illinois. he won this week. moments after he won, he's a pawn broker, we learned that he's been sued by his brother for $200,000. he once tried to choke his wife. didn't pay child support a accused of pulling a knife on his ex-girlfriend who was a . his explanation i didn't know she was a she said she was a massage therapist. mr. crowder who do the democrats nominate this man
9:35 pm
without knowing this stuff? >> you pass it off to me after massage therapist. >> i'm sorry. >> there's a politician in illinois trying to buy corruption scandals up is down, down up. i don't know what i believe any more. talking about a guy, okay knives, substance abuse, domestic abuse of someone who most likely was a hooker. what do you say to that? it is like a springer show. he was juicing, the guy looks ripped. >> his ex-wife said he was on steroids, he was raged this is a "new york post" story i mean that with all due respect. democrats are facing a tough decision. they've got quinn the incumbent governor who took the place of blagojevich. they wantpb% him to become an elected governor and he will have to deal with this guy. they can't kick him off the ticket the people voted. >> we haven't talked about the people. this guywld won. what about the other people who were considered?
9:36 pm
who lost out to this guy? >> neither party has a monopoly on scandal. you have two republican senators [ talking over each other ] in sex scandals -- [ talking over each other ] >> i'm sorry, i feel like we are drifting quickly into the waters of [ inaudible ] it is different you made a mistake in your marriage and holding a knife to the throat of your prostitute girlfriend. it may not be in the same category. >> the -- >> this should be a democratic seat. it is a democratic state the new president's home state. >> listen, i think the democrats are going to need to decide what to do. i don't think it is off the table they kick him off the ticket. >> how can they respect the will of the people? >> they can ask him to reconsider this. >> said he's not gone >> would you be rather basketball -- a be a pawn
9:37 pm
broker or pwhrt lt. governor of illinois? >> i think you raise a good question. this story is so behind blowing. >> he's the -- how disorganized is this white house they wouldn't be keeping tabs? democrats statewide said we had no clue he was gonna win and had these connections. no one is paying attention? >> when you look at the facts the trying to deliver jobs for the american people and get our economy back on track. [ talking over each other ] >> that was brilliant. if i were running i would hire you. 9. unemployment what have they been doing with their time? >> manufacturing crises where there is no crises. you want to get the presidency. democrats and they got high majorities in the house and senate and thought they could do anything. but they didn't listen to the
9:38 pm
people. [ talking over each other ] >> wait, the people in illinois just chose a pawnbroker with a hooker girlfriend. >> no question. these are the same people who put burris -- >> i'm losing track. >> the people haven't ultimately spoken because there is going to be a general election. these aren't republicans. they would never do anything like that >> a pretty zanny group in illinois. he who has not held a knife to a hooker's throat cast the first stone that's the story here. you raise a great point. democrats now are often in direct opposition to the will of the american people. i don't think priority number one -- >> i think obama left the economic door open and candidates like scott brown who ran through that door as they should given the opportunity. i think at least he has learned his lesson and turned the ship around. >> wow!z)
9:39 pm
from your mouth, not mine i like that you all were fantastic. thank you that was truly a great american panel. coming up joel and victorias stein sit down with sean and weigh in on the scandals. [ fem] olay regenerist is on a roll. new anti-aging eye roller. reduces puffiness immediately -- and also helps with lines and wrinkles. not surgery. this is our way to do your eyes. new regenerist anti-aging eye roller.
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. earlier this week sean sat down with joel and victoria olsteen. they covered the scandal surrounding john edwards to the tragedy unfolding in haiti. >> sean: the crowds are huge. you have one of the biggest ministries. you are also a pastor. i did not know that >> i'm a co-pastor. >> sean: what does that mean? >> he's the big chief. >> sean: i've seen you preach. >> i get up and take a part of every service. i enjoy it. i don't -- he usually delivers the main message but i an encouraging part and i like it, it's great. wonderful to love on the people. >> sean: i spoke recently to this guy andrew young. this is the guy that was involved with john edwards.
9:44 pm
here's john edwards running for president of the united states. having this huge affair. everybody knows, including his wife. andrew young's case he starts out loving john edwards. then he becomes knowledgeable of this q, stays with him. affair. then he helps cover the affair. he claims turny for the child. i asked dr. phil about the psychology of it. what is the spiritual side? what happens that somebody can get that disconnected they still think they should be president but can be living this life? >> you know, i think people -- it is easy to get deceived. it is easy to believe, i guess exception is to believe the lie you keep feeding it. within lie leads to another. the first one wasn't so bad. it is why it is so important every night, every morning at some point to come back to that place of peace and search your,e9, own heart and say am i
9:45 pm
making right ? >> you have to examine it everyday not something that you can say, you know like dear lord give me an a. >> i think it is on a daily basement -- daily basis. >> sean: if we are going to be honest, you probably see more of this than i do. adultery is an epidemic in this country, right? >> yeah, it is. i think a lot of people get into it and think they can get out of it. everyday i'm gonna get out but it gets deeper and deeper and the deception and web gets further. >> sean: do you both counsel people living through this? this the one area where the bible says divorce is justifiable? >> it is. we console people and talk with them often.7wo( we counsel them after and encourage before the fact temptation comes to every one of us. it is important to guard your
9:46 pm
heart, guard your eyes, keep your thoughts in the right place. it is easier to stop something before it stars. >> sean: i understand you have been working with the victims of this horrible earthquake in haiti which has been devastating. tell us what you are involved in? >> first off my brother is a surgeon he spent time operating with franklin graham, a great group. then we have other doctors in our church that we send supplies and send to people that we can. most of all we're raising money and praying for the people down there. >> sean: pretty devastating. you are involved too? >> we. we with getting supplies supplies that were simple things, bandages, as principles, small little things. sometimes we -- as principles. small little things, we tell people your gift is never too small because it can help
9:47 pm
someone. >> sean: i remember allen asked this question once how does god let this happen? people do ask that question. i don't ask that i don't think we really have any -- i don't think we can begin to understand the concept of god. that may sound strange. the bible says that your eye hasn't seen, your ear hasn't heard. it has not entered into your heart what god has in store for us. >> you can't figure out things like that god is a sovereign god. we know god is good but we don't live in a perfect world. jesus said you will have difficulties. one place talks about famines and earthquakes and wars. so you got to come back to that place of trust where god is in control. >> sean: didn't jesus said we are all kind of evil. why call me good it is only my father? >> i think that is right. >> sean: so we are all evil? even joel olsteen there's no
9:48 pm
hope for us! >> when you come to know christ he makes you righteous, clean and whole. >> sean: you may not mess up in big ways. why do we keep still messing up? >> i think it is a process, we are all growing. god is working on each of us. hopefully we are better this year thanéb last year. >> sean: does he mess up a lot? >> all the time.4cv >> sean: you guys check each other? >> we do keep each other on course we give constructive criticism. >> sean: you ever fight? >> not any more. >> sean: thank you both, good to see you both again. thank you. >> thanks sean. coming up, ainsley earhardt with a special report on how the new york yankees made one police officer's lifelong dream come true. amazing story of survival you won't want to miss. ugcl)
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yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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9:52 pm
welcome back. tonight ainsley earhardt has a special report on one brave policeman who didn't allow a near death experience to stand in the way of fulfilling his boyhood dream. being -- ♪
9:53 pm
♪ rosh when >> reporter: when he was a young boy he deemed of following in his father's footsteps. >> my father played in 60, 61. i wanted to be a yankee player. >> reporter: when reality set in he dreamed of becoming a police officer like his grandfather. >> my grandfather was in the nypd. 1992 i on the police department. i been with them ever since. >> reporter: he began in north carolina has a patrol officer. after serving the small carolina community for 12 years an opportunity to serve his country came knocking. in 2004, ken answered the call. left the police department and went to work for a private security firm that trained iraqi police officers in baghdad that one decision on december 30th, 2005, a year
9:54 pm
after he arrived in baghdad a roadside bomb[du exploded, blasting through the armored vehicle ken was traveling in. two months after the accident, ken spoke of that horrible day. >> i'm lucky to be alive. fallen into the pavement and looked at my feet and realized how bad it was. once i looked at 'em i knew they were gone. legs below the knee. after the explosion ken was determined to prove the roadside bomb wouldn't steal his love of law enforcement. >> while in the hospital in greensboro the chief told me if i wanted to come back they would do whatever they could to make that happen. >> reporter: with gritty determination, prosthetics and hours of physical therapy, ken learned to walk again. but his biggest obstacle was still ahead. before he could wear a police and form again he to pass the police officers' physical agility test grueling obstacle
9:55 pm
course must be completed in 7:30. >> somebody told me what you lost is bone and muscle you still got heart and what is up here. >> reporter: he trained more than a year learning to run again and gained enough strength to take the test. >> come on! >> reporter: with his community, friends and family behind himç=ñ, ken passed the test with only seconds to spare. his journey back to wearing the badge was complete. >> i can't believe it. it is believable. >> reporter: in december of 2007 two years after the accident detective ken leonard returned to the high point police department. >> everybody kept telling me they knew i was going to make it. >> reporter: with one
9:56 pm
childhood dreamed realized for a second time ken was determined to not let that accident get if the waive his other dream. wear the of the new york yankees just like his dad. this is the yankees' fantasy camp in tampa, florida where green men live out their childhood fantasy and wear pinstripes and play with some of the greats. >> the biggest yankee fans in the world come to tampa, florida and live their dream of being a new york yankee. they dress in pinstripes they have their own clubhouse locker and come to the field. >> reporter: ken's dream to walk in his father's footsteps and wear a yankee uniform almost shattered by the blast. >> he contacted the camp three, four years ago and signed up. i got an e-mail from ken with the news that he been involved in a serious accident and lost both of his legs. he had to cancel the camp.
9:57 pm
mr. steinbrenner got wind of the story and want sent a letter with a signed bat inviting him back to camp for free, whenókm he felt ready. >> reporter: after years of recovery ken was ready. with george steinbrenner's invitation in hand he packed up his cleats and headed to tampa. wearing pinstripes. >> i can't describe what it feels like, fantastic, like a dream. standing home plate looking at mickey rivers, bucky dent, david wells. mike torres, all these guys, i can believe it. >> reporter: ken fulfilled his childhood wish. for one incredible week he was playing baseball as a new york yankee. >> it felt amazing. that is what is so great. they don't want you to pretend you are a yankee they want you to feel like you are a yankee. you come in the locker room and see your stuff hanging in the locker, your name, your
9:58 pm
gear set out ready to go like a dream. they want you to feel like you are one of the new york yankees. >> reporter: with every trip around the bases ken has inspired many to realize that even with less, anything is possible. >> being in his situation, you know, it is an incredible, you know, out there you lose your legs, gout to learn how to walk again. i was out here coaching first base the other day. i didn't realize. i looked down i'm like whoa he's out here? you can still have quality of life and live your dream. he's out here playing baseball. he's doing pretty good. >> we all are a yankee family and the players have taken to him and he's an inspiration to us and all the american people. >> it has been amazing.
9:59 pm
you grew up watching these guys, legends, heroes, baseball players and they are thanking me for coming saying i'm an inspiration, it is overwhelming. ♪ ♪ >> ken exemplifies what it means to be a new york yankee. mr. steinbrenner most of the world knows that he expects the best and expects determination and he expects the will to win and we feel that's what ken has and it has been a pleasure having him here. >> reporter: his journey started in baghdad when an ied exploded and ended here on his own field of dreams. >> after to -- >> for information on the yankees' fantasy camp visit thanks for being with us i'm tucker


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